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Feminism and Faith: Is Christianity Inherently Misogynistic? 1 week ago

Ellie Cook

Does the Bible regard women as inferior? Isn't it full of dismissive claims? Surely its wrong to apply it to modern society? If these are questions on your mind then we would love you to come along to our last Big Question of the term. With the help of our speaker Ellie Cook, we will be addressing these very questions.

Unjust: How can a good God send people to hell?” 1 month ago

Tim Rudge

The blood that seems to be on God's hands is enough to cause most of us to question his 'loving' nature. It doesn't sound just/fair/forgiving, but more like uncontrollable anger. What really is hell and how can this be part of God's perfect plan?

Elusive: Why isn't God more obvious 1 month ago

David Robertson

'Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence' - C. Sagan. We hear stories of people meeting their maker as they undergo a near death experience, or seeing visions, maybe hearing a voice like thunder from above...but what about us? In the Bible we read that God was there with Adam and Eve in the Garden, and that he spoke to Moses on a mountain top....but what do we get?

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