Cookies mmm, yummy!

This websie uses cookies to make your experience better. Cookies are little text files that sit on your computer. Your browser sends them to the website that set them every time you browse a page on it. They let the website provide enhanced features like the ability to log in, or keeping items in a shopping cart. Cookies are automatically deleted after a time set by the page that set them.

We set 2 cookies when you visit the site:

Cookie Description Expiry
ci_session Session cookie. It is used to do things like display messages based on your actions, and is used when you log in. This cookie is set when you visit any page of the site, whether or not you log in. When you close your browser window
new_visitor This is set when you first visit the site. It means you don't see the message about cookies on every page. After 30 days

Google Analytics

We also use Google Analytics to help us see how visitors use the site, and identify how we can make it better. Google Analytics uses cookies to keep track of a number of things, for example the path you take through the site, and whether you’re a new or returning visitor. The cookies set by Google Analytics anonymous – the data they collect cannot be used to personally identified you.

You can see what cookies Google Analytics sets and how they’re used, or opt out of Google Analytics altogeter.