STORY EVENINGS are about stories of changed lives. We’ll meet five fascinating individuals – including an ex-terrorist, a former Hindu priest and a Major General – who will share their story of a life changed by Jesus. Then we’ll take a look at stories in John’s Gospel of lives changed by the same man two thousand years ago. The evenings will be filled with good food, drinks, live entertainment and the chance to chat.

Title Date Speaker
THE STUDENT 2016-02-19 Roger Carswell with Jake Vart
THE MAJOR GENERAL 2016-02-18 Roger Carswell with Tim Cross
THE SCIENTIST 2016-02-17 Roger Carswell with David Wilkinson
THE TERRORIST 2016-02-16 Roger Carswell with Billy McCurrie
THE SPIRITUAL LEADER 2016-02-15 Roger Carswell with Rahil Patel