This year is my year: Can I ever be fully satisfied? 11 months ago


The promise of a new year and a new term beckons: we all want this year to be our year. Resolutions are made and occasionally kept, but will they give us the results that we want? Will lifestyle changes make us happier and better people? Jesus claimed that it is only through Him that we can have life to the full, join us in the DSU on Friday lunchtime to hear how this is possible!

Post Truth: Is Certainty Still Possible in 2016? 1 year ago

After the tumultuous year that has been 2016, it seems hard to have certainty in anything, let alone claim to have absolute truth.

LEST WE FORGET: Why is sacrifice worth remembering? 1 year ago

As Remembrance day draws near we remember the ultimate sacrifice: to give up your life for others. This Friday the Big Question will consider why sacrifice is so important and it's implications on Christianity. Free lunch provided as always!

CORRUPTED AND CORRUPTING: Is the Bible a Good Book 1 year ago

Why do Christians care so much about the Bible? Isn't it a slightly irrelevant old book? Isn't it the cause of so much conflict in today's world? Come to the DSU this Friday to see how Christians can claim not only that the Bible is reliable but good too.

LECTURES AND LOVESHACK: Is there more to life than this 1 year ago

As term finally begins and we fall into routine it can seem that life constantly swings between work and play. But could there be more to it?