LIBERATED: Does Christianity Really Offer Me Freedom? 1 year ago

Is religion not just a bunch of rules? How could anyone claim that to be freeing? Listen to Glen Scrivener, a minister from Eastbourne, give a 20-minute answer to these questions, followed by questions from the audience.

DISTANT: Surely God Doesn't Care About Me? 1 year ago

JP Wright

How could God exist? And even if he did, why would he want anything to do with us? Listen to a 20 minute talk on this topic from JP Wright, staff worker for UCCF, followed by questions from the audience.

AN OLD BOOK AND A DEAD MAN: Is the Easter Story Irrelevant? 1 year ago

Daf Meirion-Jones

How can Christians believe that a dead man came back to life? How can they base that on an old, dusty book? Even if it did happen, surely it doesn’t matter anyway? It all happened 2000 years ago, surely it’s irrelevant now? Listen to hear Daf Meirion-Jones, a Christian Minister from Preston, answer these questions in a 20 minute talk followed by a time of questions from the audience.

UNJUST: How can a good God send people to hell? 1 year ago

John Risbridger

Christians claim that God is just, right? They claim that God is good, right? Surely that's impossible if God sentences people to Hell? Surely either God is an unjust monster, or Hell is simply a human fabrication? Listen to a 20 minute talk on this topic from John Risbridger, the Minister of a church in Southampton, followed by questions from the audience.

A Delusional Story: how can anyone believe that Jesus rose from the dead? 1 year ago

Hamish Sneddon

Christianity rests on the claim that one day in history a man came back from the dead. How can any thinking person believe such a thing in our reasonable age? Is there any credible evidence for such an outlandish idea? And what difference can such a claim possibly make?