AN OLD BOOK AND A DEAD MAN: Is the Easter Story Irrelevant? 6 years ago

Daf Meirion-Jones

How can Christians believe that a dead man came back to life? How can they base that on an old, dusty book? Even if it did happen, surely it doesn’t matter anyway? It all happened 2000 years ago, surely it’s irrelevant now? Listen to hear Daf Meirion-Jones, a Christian Minister from Preston, answer these questions in a 20 minute talk followed by a time of questions from the audience.

UNJUST: How can a good God send people to hell? 6 years ago

John Risbridger

Christians claim that God is just, right? They claim that God is good, right? Surely that's impossible if God sentences people to Hell? Surely either God is an unjust monster, or Hell is simply a human fabrication? Listen to a 20 minute talk on this topic from John Risbridger, the Minister of a church in Southampton, followed by questions from the audience.

A Delusional Story: how can anyone believe that Jesus rose from the dead? 6 years ago

Hamish Sneddon

Christianity rests on the claim that one day in history a man came back from the dead. How can any thinking person believe such a thing in our reasonable age? Is there any credible evidence for such an outlandish idea? And what difference can such a claim possibly make?

THE STUDENT 6 years ago

Roger Carswell with Jake Vart

Jake Vart was Oxford-bound and had it all made – he was head boy and student of the year, and his exam papers are still used as model answers by examination boards. He even opened his seven A-Level results live on national television. Yet a secret battle with chronic depression and emptiness led to him being expelled from Oxford after only one year. He’ll share his story of moving from a sceptical atheist to finding miraculous hope and healing in Jesus as a Cuth’s student at Durham.


Roger Carswell with Tim Cross

Major-General (Retired) Tim Cross CBE was the most senior UK officer involved in post-war planning in Iraq, which involved briefing both Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair. He commanded at every level of the British Army, during which he received a CBE for his work leading the NATO response to the Humanitarian crisis in Kosovo. Having spent 7 years as an Army Adviser to the House of Commons Defence Committee, he is now is Visiting Professor at three Universities, an advisor to a number of UK/International Companies and a Trustee of a number of Charities. He will share his story of life and faith as a Christian soldier of the highest level.