A Repressive Story: does God want to control me? 6 years ago

Hamish Sneddon

Is Christianity a belief system that exists simply to exercise power over people? Why does God seem to care so much about what I think, do and say? Doesn’t being a Christian lead to losing my identity, freedom and even my humanity?

A Tragic Story: where is God when it hurts? 6 years ago

Hamish Sneddon

Every day we are confronted with the reality of suffering in the world, and all of us either have or will feel the personal pain of hardship. In those moments, where is God, if He exists? Surely such things show that He is not real, or that He is not good? And how can Christians maintain that He is not only good but trustworthy in the face of such evils?

THE SCIENTIST 6 years ago

Roger Carswell with David Wilkinson

Professor David Wilkinson has two PhDs, one in theoretical astrophysics, where he worked on star formation, the chemical evolution of galaxies and terrestrial mass extinctions, and one in systematic theology exploring the future of the physical universe. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, an ordained Methodist minister, and a regular contributor to the media on issues of science and religion – including BBC Radio Four’s ‘Thought for the Day’. He’ll share his story of life and faith in the world of science.

THE TERRORIST 6 years ago

Roger Carswell with Billy McCurrie

Billy McCurrie was 12 years old when his father was killed by an IRA sniper. Consumed with anger, Billy joined the Ulster Volunteer Force and was ordered, at the age of 16, to kill a member of the IRA. Billy spent several years in the Maze Prison and it was in that oppressive and unlikely setting that he found faith in God. Billy will share his story of violence, transformation and reconciliation with us.

An Intolerant Story: isn’t it dangerous to claim exclusive truth? 6 years ago

Hamish Sneddon

From the medieval Crusaders to Daesh in the present day, it is easy to see the damage caused by those who hold to exclusive notions of truth, particularly in religion. Can we ever say that something is truly true? Are all such claims inherently dangerous? Or is there such a thing as a truth that is beautiful and good?