But It's My Right! Is anyone really satisfied with free speech? 1 year ago

Most of us would agree that free speech is a good thing. But when we use this free speech to challenge the status quo, we get shut down in the name of social justice. Wherever there are people, we find this tension between our desire for expression and our desire for justice. How can a just God make an expressive world of people?

the student // STORY 2017 1 year ago

Glen Scrivener with Charley Deans

Charley Deans grew up in a small village in the Essex countryside. Excelling at school, she was passionate about human rights and is looking to train as a lawyer after she graduates this year. Growing up she never considered faith, thinking the slow services and stone-cold buildings offered her nothing. But, aged 16, her perspective and her life radically changed.

A delusional story 1 year ago

Niv Lobo

How can anyone believe that Jesus rose from the dead? Christianity confidently asserts that the impossible – a dead man coming back to life – not only actually happened, but that it changes everything today. Is there any reason at all to take this claim seriously? Can any twenty-first century person actually believe it

A hopeless story 1 year ago

Niv Lobo

Where is God when it hurts? ‘If God exists, I hope he has a good excuse.’ – Woody Allen. Nothing seems more at odds with the idea of a loving God than a world of pain. Natural disasters, systemic injustice, personal tragedies, deep depression…where is God in any of it? Does he even care? Is He even there?

A restrictive story 1 year ago

Niv Lobo

Can I ever really be free? In 1762, Rousseau famously wrote, ‘Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.’ Why is it that two and a half centuries later, with more liberties than he could have dreamed of, his words still ring true for us? For many, God is one source of those chains: wouldn’t He take our freedom away?