Aren't they just Christmas stories? Can a rational person really believe in miracles? 2 years ago

Sam Steemson

Please accept our apologies for the mic cutting out partway through the recording for this talk. We grow up believing int Santa and the Tooth Fairy, but we soon realise they're not real. So can we believe that miracles of the Bible are true?

Ignorant or indifferent: Where is the God of love in a world of suffering? 2 years ago

Hamish Sneddon

There is a lot of suffering in the world and in each of our lives. Does God care? Does He even know? What is He doing?

Corruption or collusion: Can we really trust the Bible today? 2 years ago

Numerous human authors, multiple manuscripts, spanning several millennia. Could anyone begin to count the Bible as reliable?

Big Bang or big plan: Are God and science incompatible? 2 years ago

Chris Roussel

Examining the relation between a scientific and religious approach to the pursuit of truth and meaning.

I Think Therefore I Exam: Am I More Than My Achievements? 4 years ago

Seb Rab

As we look to summer exams and, more broadly, to an increasingly materialistic society, we ask the question of whether we are defined by more than just what we do. If you feel like your life's significance is governed by what you do or don't do, we'd love for you to join us at our lunchbar event on the first Friday of term. Come and hear a short talk by Seb Rab on the question, with plenty of time for questions afterwards.