FALSE: Surely the Bible isn't reliable? 7 years ago

Brian Edwards

Have you ever wondered how everything that Christians believe, and will stake their lives upon, can be based on one, old, book? Surely Christianity can't be true if it's based on this collection of fanciful tales and supernatural events.

Arrogant: How can God demand to be worshipped? 7 years ago

Charlie Skrine

Have you ever thought that it is ridiculous and arrogant of God to demand to be worshipped and praised by us? If he's God, why does he care what we think about him? Can't God exist and we just go on without really considering him? Surely he won't mind? Why does God demand to be put first above everything else? That's a bit arrogant isn't it? Why would you want to worship a God like that?

Bone Cancer in Children: What's That All About, God? 7 years ago

Roger Carswell

You might have seen it, Stephen Fry's comments about turning up to the Pearly Gates. He wanted nothing to do with a God that is in charge of a world where suffering is rife. We see it all around us, our friends or family getting terminally ill, the reign of ISIS brutally murdering anyone who does not agree with their regime. All of this without even mentioning Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Roger Carswell will be coming to speak to us on this topic. It would be great to see you there, this would be a great thing to come along to if Fry's comments stirred up emotion inside you.