The Charlie Hebdo Massacre: How can the Church defend its own history of hatred? 7 years ago

Julian Hardyman

Some people's objection to Christianity is on the basis that religion has and is causing hatred, violence and anger. For many, the crusades and so called 'holy wars' provide them with enough evidence to discredit the possibility of Christianity. But do any of these things prove the resurrection didn't happen - don't these actions show us a clear problem with our human condition: To take what is good and use it for bad. A short talk followed by questions.

Why should we be passionate about Christian unity? 7 years ago

Julian Hardyman

Julian Hardyman helps us think about unity between Christians from Jesus' prayer as recorded in chapter 17 of John's gospel.

'Nobody is wrong': Don't all religions lead to God? 7 years ago

Dan Strange

In our modern day society, how do you feel about being given only two choices? Its in our nature isn't it, to do what we want, go where we want, be free to live our lives as we see fit - but can any path lead to the same end point? Is it possible that all of the World religions will lead you to God? In a World where absolute truth is shunned in favour of a relativistic position why not come along this Friday to find out more about what Christians, and more importantly Jesus taught about world religions?

Carol Service 2014 7 years ago


A talk in 3 parts given by Greg M at the DICCU cathedral carol service.

The Passover, the last supper, and the Cross 7 years ago

David Dargue

This talk looks at the Passover (Exodus 12) and the last supper (John 13). We see how these two events point to the central focus of the Christian message - the cross. We see that - in the life of the Christian believer - the cross is essential, effective, and an example to follow.