The Big Question

A short talk on a hot topic followed by a time for questions from the audience. For more information, see the DICCU website.

Title Date Speaker
Swindle, swoon or resurrection: Did Jesus really come back from the dead? 2020-03-13 Ellie Cook
Generous or genocidal: does God have a split personality across the Bible? 2020-03-04 Mark Rainbow
One way or another: do all religions lead to heaven? 2020-02-14 Tom Widdowson
A better world: why do we care about the poor and vulnerable? 2020-01-31 Curtis Irvine
Black and white: can we know what's right and wrong? 2020-01-17 Luke Parker
Aren't they just Christmas stories? Can a rational person really believe in miracles? 2019-12-05 Sam Steemson
Ignorant or indifferent: Where is the God of love in a world of suffering? 2019-11-22 Hamish Sneddon
Corruption or collusion: Can we really trust the Bible today? 2019-11-08 -
Big Bang or big plan: Are God and science incompatible? 2019-10-25 Chris Roussel
I Think Therefore I Exam: Am I More Than My Achievements? 2018-04-27 Seb Rab
Feminism and Faith: Is Christianity Inherently Misogynistic? 2018-03-09 Ellie Cook
Unjust: How can a good God send people to hell?” 2018-01-26 Tim Rudge
Elusive: Why isn't God more obvious 2018-01-19 David Robertson
'Leap of Faith - Can believers in science be believers in God? 2017-11-24 Tom McLeish
But It's My Right! Is anyone really satisfied with free speech? 2017-05-05 -
This year is my year: Can I ever be fully satisfied? 2017-01-20 Duncan
Post Truth: Is Certainty Still Possible in 2016? 2016-12-02 -
LEST WE FORGET: Why is sacrifice worth remembering? 2016-11-11 -
CORRUPTED AND CORRUPTING: Is the Bible a Good Book 2016-10-28 -
LECTURES AND LOVESHACK: Is there more to life than this 2016-10-14 -
LIBERATED: Does Christianity Really Offer Me Freedom? 2016-06-03 -
DISTANT: Surely God Doesn't Care About Me? 2016-05-09 JP Wright
AN OLD BOOK AND A DEAD MAN: Is the Easter Story Irrelevant? 2016-03-18 Daf Meirion-Jones
UNJUST: How can a good God send people to hell? 2016-03-04 John Risbridger
AN IRRELEVANT STORY: Has science replaced religion? 2016-02-12 David Wilkinson
SEXIST: Is the Bible Anti Women? 2016-01-22 Ann Brown
OUR GOD, YOUR GOD, NO GOD: How can you claim that only Christianity is true? 2015-12-04 Mark Pickett
INVISIBLE: Why isn't God more obvious? 2015-11-20 -
OUTDATED: Is Christianity Opposed to Progress? 2015-10-30 Dan Strange
CRUEL OR UNCOMPASSIONATE: How can God allow suffering? 2015-10-23 Hamish Sneddon
SEX, SHOTS, AND SOCIALS: Why does Christianity restrict me? 2015-10-09 JP Wright
HUMAN PROGRESS: Who needs religion when society is improving without it? 2015-05-29 Jonathan Carswell
FALSE: Surely the Bible isn't reliable? 2015-05-08 Brian Edwards
Arrogant: How can God demand to be worshipped? 2015-04-24 Charlie Skrine
Bone Cancer in Children: What's That All About, God? 2015-03-06 Roger Carswell
Life after death: How can I be certain? 2015-02-27 Jason Soulier
The Charlie Hebdo Massacre: How can the Church defend its own history of hatred? 2015-01-30 Julian Hardyman
'Nobody is wrong': Don't all religions lead to God? 2015-01-23 Dan Strange
What kind of God would wear a nappy? 2014-12-05 Ellie Cook
Is the Bible reliable? 2014-11-28 Andy Croft
Isn't the God of the Old Testament a genocidal maniac? 2014-11-14 Peter Dray
Why do bad things happen to good people? 2014-10-31 Sharon Dirckx
Why isn't God more obvious? 2014-10-17 Chris Tapp
Stash, Lash and no Cash - is there more to Uni life? 2014-10-03 JP Wright
Life to the Full: Surely God just takes the best bits out of life? 2014-06-09 Hamish Sneddon
Where is the God of love in a world of suffering? 2014-05-09 Ed Preston
The ultimate imaginary friend - isn't believing in Jesus just a crutch for the weak? 2014-02-28 Pete Dray
Typical Christian Scaremongering - Surely hell doesn't exist? 2013-11-29 Ken Matthews
Heinous and abusive - Surely a paedophile couldn't go to heaven? 2013-11-15 William Taylor
Distant and hidden - Why doesn't God make himself clearer? 2013-11-01 -
Meaningless Historical Trivia - So what if Jesus rose from the dead? 2013-10-18 Mark Bonnington